Hearthstone New Expansion Pack Nasria Citadel Murder Case released on August 3rd

The latest expansion Pack Nasstle Nathria will be released on Hearthstone® on August 3 (Korea time). At the same time, the players will be caught up in suspicious mysteries surrounding Sire Denathrius, who was killed at a dinner party hosted by himself. Take a magnifying glass and detective hats, and carefully examine a total of 135 new Nasria’s new Nasria’s murder cards, including the Legend Suspect, the new card type ‘place’, and the new keyword ‘injection’!

New card type: location

For the first time in Hearthstone, certain places appear in the game. The place that is temporarily added to the game board can be made like a minions, but it only gives an advantage to allies. When the place card is launched to activate the effect, it should be wise to take care of the reuse waiting time and the decreasing durability for a turn. The first place card type introduced in the expansion pack of Nasria’s Citizens’ Murder will be added to Hearthstone and can be used in the future.

New keywords: infusion (infuse)

Blizzard’s MMORPG (large multi-access online role-playing game) World of Warcraft®, which shares Hearthstone and Warcraft worldviews, is the soul of Shadowlands, the soul resource of Shadowlands, Hearthst1. ‘Inject’ into gameplay. Cards with injection keywords inhale the lost spirits when they die and transform into a more powerful appearance. If you have it in your hand until you are completely injected, you can see how you transform into a new artwork.

Legendary SUSPECT

Pay attention to 10 new legendary suspects! There are one legendary suspect minions in each job, so you can constantly dig your motive. In addition, all players who connect to Hearthstone are given rewards as Prince Renathal. Prince Lenatal, a neutral legend card, will increase the life of my hero to 40 at the start of each game, and increase the card limit of the deck to 40 cards.

From today, the players can make a reservation for a large-scale bundle of Nasria’s Citizens’ Murder in 80,000 Battlecoin (PC based on PC) and work together with Murloc Holmes to dig up the clue in the event. Large bundles are configured as follows.

-80 Nasria Citadel Murder Case Pack
-5 Golden Nasria Citadel Murder Case Pack
-Nasria Nasria Citadel Murder Legend Card 2
-Daeyoungju Denatrius Warrior Hero Skin
-Denatrius card back

-Sandy beach battlefield game version
-10 Mercenary Team Pack

Nasria’s Citizens ‘Murder Bundles include 60 Nasria Citizens’ Murder Card Pack, Random Nasusria’s Murder Legend Card, and the back of the Denatrius card.

For more information on expansion packs and reservations for Nasria’s Citizens’ Murder, please visit the official blog post. For more information on Hearthstone and Nasria’s Citadel Murder, visit the official website and the official YouTube channel.