If you were a follower of the Simpsons: Struck & Run, you will certainly like this remake with Springfield as an open globe

The Simpsons: Hit and also Run was just one of those video games that, if he captured you at a good time, you possibly remember forever. His recreation of Springfield was so packed with details, recommendations as well as surprises that gamers have actually been uncovering unpublished news in recent times, which has actually provided us also more need to see that sequel that, however, never ever involved fruition.

The modder has a listing of objectives beyond transforming this video game into an open world with more comprehensive graphics, which consists of improve automobiles , introduce a online multiplayer and also insert * Missions as well as dialogues . Certainly, Reubs is accomplishing a titanic job, yet warns the audiences of their video clip that this is a job that develops for pure entertainment and, for that reason, we will certainly not have the ability to download it in the future *.

Nonetheless, the neighborhood around this GTA of the Simpsons is very large, which is why the Modder Reubs has been functioning on a remake that not only enhances the original graphics of distribution, however which also transforms the city of Springfield into a open world . In this means, the various locations that we opened with Homer, Marge, Bart as well as Lisa participate a solitary map without losing all those recesses that made this delivery so unique.


This is not the first time that Reubs is news for his collaborate with the Simpsons: Struck & Run, considering that in 2021 he made an additional remake in simply one week . Anyway, gamers are not the just one to prefer a remastering of this game, considering that its original manufacturer, Vlad Caraldi , would certainly likewise wish to see exactly how this comic project revitalizes.