Overwatch seems to change to Overwatch 2 when time comes. Details of early access revealed by developers

On June 23, the development team of Overwatch 2 conducted a project to answer questions on the overseas bulletin board reddit. While answering the various questions of the fans, it seems that the future of the previous work, Overwatch, was revealed.

Overwatch 2 is an online battle FPS game currently being developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It will be released as a basic play free title. As a change from the previous work Overwatch, the number of competitors is 6-6 to 5-5 (1 tank, 2 damage, 2 support). First of all, early access will be distributed from October 5, 2022, Japan time, centered on PVP content. The full-fledged PVE mode that will become a pillar of this work alongside PVP will be implemented after 2023.

The roadmap after distribution is also revealed. A season system has been introduced and free updates are delivered every nine weeks. Heroes and maps are added regularly. In Season 1, in addition to Sojon and Janker Queen, unpublished support heroes will appear. In addition, additional game modes and six new maps will be implemented. In addition, the treasure box has been abolished, and cosmetics items through battle passes and in-game stores can be obtained directly.


As various information is being revealed, the AMA (ASK Me Anything = listening to anything), a question-and-answer project with fans by the development team, was held on the overseas bulletin board Reddit. In the planning thread, the development team is talking about the details of this work one after another in the form of answering users’ questions. Among them, a user asks what the early access in this work means. In response to the development team, it was also revealed what would happen to the previous work, Overwatch.

AARON KELLER, who is the Overwatch 2 game director, responded to the questions that asked the meaning of early access. First, the term early access is used to indicate that the state at the time of distribution is only the beginning. As mentioned earlier, a variety of new elements such as heroes, maps, and PVE mode are added every nine weeks. And Overwatch 2 is called WILL BE A Replacement for the Current Live Service (WILL BE A Replacement for the Current Live Service) at the start of early access distribution on October 5 Japan time. In other words, if you interpret it honestly, the overwatch will be automatically replaced with overwatch 2 on the same day.

The question is what will happen to another user about treasure boxes and in-game currency (credit, OWL token, competition point). In response, Jon Spector, a commercial lead, replied. First of all, the currency will be implemented in Overwatch 2 and will be taken over. However, since a new currency appears for credit, the previous currency is held separately from the new currency. In addition, items that can only be purchased with new currency will be sold.

On the other hand, the treasure box is abolished, so it will not be transferred to Overwatch 2. Instead, an unopened box will be automatically opened before the release, and the account will receive all content directly. In addition, details will be announced for the transfer of currencies, etc. by the beginning of early access distribution in October.

As described above, Overwatch 2 is revealed with various new information. It is interesting that it will be replaced with the previous live service when distributing early access. It can be said that this work, which is available for free, is available.

On the other hand, it will be complicated for players who purchased the previous work, which were paid titles, and those who prefer the previous system. The content revealed this time is a casual response by the development team. Please note that it may be changed in the future.

Overwatch 2 is scheduled to be distributed early for PC/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch on October 5, Japan time.