Information about the game performance Intel ARC A380 for desktop PCs

Information about B game performance of the Intel ARC A380 table video card leaked to the network, and this time the source is more than proven. MSI published a little information about its finished assembly with the Intel ARC A380 video card. Among the published data there is information about the performance of this assembly in four games, and therefore we can get an approximate idea of which personnel frequency the owner of the ARC A380 will receive.

Let us clarify that all games are tested in 1080p resolution. So in Naraka: BladePoint this assembly is capable of showing 85 FPS on average, in League of Legends-more 200 FPS, in the PUBG-older 94 FPS, and in the Overwatch-more 100 FPS.

As a processor, this assembly uses Intel Core i5-12400F, and therefore the probability that the processor is a bottleneck for this video card is literally absent.