How to play a rhythm game in the event Genshin Impact the Allmighty Arataki Great and Glorious Dromalong Festival

The festival of the Almighty Ara Ata of the Great and Glorious Dramlong is the rhythm-game Genshin Impact, which runs from from June 13, 2022 to July 4, 2022 . During the event, you can enjoy the family with ready-made bits cards, as well as your own bits cards created by you and other players. All the players of the adventure rank 30 and above, who completed the Rito escape plan Part of the Archont quest Chapter II: Act I-the Storn God and the Eternal Evfimia have the right to participate.

how to unlock the event

Having fulfilled the requirements, initiate the event by moving to the event menu and choosing the great and glorious festival of the dramalus of the omnipotent arataki. Click accept the invitation Read the letter ITTO, then select collapse to start the quest of the event. Follow the dialogue until you meet the Arastii gang on the island of Amakan Island to start playing bats.

how to play rhythm

Speak from Genta on the island of Amakan to start playing in the rhythm-game. You can choose one of the seven finished bits cards that will be produced one at the first seven days of the event. Unlike previous rhythm events, you can choose any level of complexity from the very beginning. If you choose a higher difficulty and complete the stage, you can also get rewards for previous levels of complexity.

The rhythm game uses a semicircular tap z1. You can calibrate the delay and speed of falling notes for a fully individual gaming process by clicking the settings icon menu in the upper right corner of the selection screen of the attack card.

There are six points on the tap zone, and notes can fall into no more than two points at the same time. To take one note, click note as soon as it gets to the point on a mobile phone, or click the indicated buttons for PC and PlayStation. To keep the notes you need click and hold until the beat is closed, then let go when the second note reaches a point.

There are times when you need to press or hold two notes at the same time , so be careful and look at both! Although there are three complexity modes, you just need to get Dulcem (average level, not too many missing notes) at a normal level to get Primogem awards.

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