These are the changes that Outiders will have with Worldslayer

In the video game franchise there are certain releases that do not end up taking off well, this happened a few years ago with titles such as No Man’s Sky that little by little was doing with his followers. A similar case occurred with Outiders _, a shooter that despite being an interesting experience, did not differ from other outstanding works such as Destiny.

However, the aforementioned franchise will return with an expansion that promises to clean its name, it carries the nickname Worldslayer, and it will be a great way to address a new audience and hook the already established. This thanks to a new narrative, weapons, game modes, updates and other content that users can enchant.

Everything will be carried out in the Tarya Gratar, which has new challenges for players who dare to step on it, but there is a mechanic that makes it distinguished from the base game. And every time we start the evidence within that world, the objects, enemies, equipment and other details will change in the purest style of a Roguelike game.

Another detail highlighted from the expansion is the new enemies, the shadows, which will be hidden at all times within the area, thus being a challenge to be able to hit them a shot. For its part, new bosses will be added that are face to the main villain of the expansion, a challenge enjoyable alone or in cooperative mode.

Remember that Outiders Worldslayer will arrive next_ June 30 A Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC*.