How to get a tiralel archangel in Hearthstone for free

Hearthstone Mercenaries gives free Archangel Tirael in honor of the release of open beta testing Diablo Immortal. Tirael will be available only until the next large update, Patch 24, which has not yet been announced.

how to get a tireel legendary mercenary in Hearthstone Mercenaries for free

To get TiRAEL for free at Hearthstone Merceenaries, you need to return to the main menu. From there go to the lower left corner and select store . Scroll down until you see the legendary mercenary TiRAEL and click on the card. Click Free and Tirael will be added to your collection of mercenaries.

The legendary Tirael mercenary will appear in the store between temporary sections. If you do not have a basic portrait of Tirael, you will get it only if you have all the portraits of Tirael. Instead, you will receive 100 tyrael coins if you do not have all the portraits of tyrantel.

The characteristics of the legendary tyrant

  • Maximum statistics: 12 attacks and 75 health.
  • Capabilities:
    * Divine blow of the blade 5 (Light): (Speed 5) The attack of the enemy.

    • Holy Combo: Apply to the enemy 15 units of damage.
      * The Holy Court 5 (Light): (Speed 5) apply 10 units of damage to the enemy.
    • Holy Combo: freeze the enemy.
      * angelic protection 5 (light): (Speed 5, reloading 1) adds a provocation by two moves.
    • Holy Combo: Other friendly characters receive 10 units less than damage on the next move.
  • Equipment:
    Crown of cleanliness 4 *: Passive: Your characters get +5 to resistance to badge.
    Blinding mittens 4 : Holy Justice also constantly gives the enemy-5 to the attack.
    El’druin 4 : The divine blow of the blade inflicts 5 more damage.

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