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Action RPG Granblue Fantasy Lilink re -postponed. Released in 2023 to improve quality

Cygames announced on June 10 that the release time of Granblue Fantasy: Relink is postponed. Until now, the work was scheduled to be released in 2022, but it has been changed to release in 2023 with this announcement. It seems that the postponement of the release time has been decided to improve the quality.

  • Teaser trailer released in December 2021

Granblue Fantasy Lilink is a 3D action RPG based on the RPG Gran Blue Fantasy for smartphones distributed by Cygames. The original worldview and characters are reproduced by expressions that allow you to feel the atmosphere while non-photorial and the high-density 3D model. A journey around Sega Grande’s airspace is developed by games with a strong action element.

The game mode is equipped with a main story for one person depicting the story of the hero’s journey, and a quest that can multiplayer four players. As a playable character, more than 13 characters, including the protagonists of men and women, Catalina, Charlotte and the Knights, have been announced. In addition, this work was a joint development title with Platinum Games, but a change in the development system was announced in February 2019. Currently, Cygames is being developed.

In this announcement, the release time of this work was changed to 2023. According to the announcement by producer Yuto Kimura, published on the official website, it was postponed for further quality. This work was being developed with the aim of launching in 2022, as it was announced so far. Despite the delay factors related to the new Coronavirus, the staff was working hard to make it in time for the release in 2022. However, with the large size of development, it seems that it takes more time than expected due to detailed brush-ups, adjustment of game balance, and optimization.

As for the development status, the production of graphic resources, scenarios, and audio has been completed. Currently, it is said that the quality of this work is being performed, and the quality of this work is being performed, and the quality of this work is being performed.

Granblue Fantasy Lilink will be released in 2023 for Playstaiton 4/PlayStation 5/PC (Steam).