Activision Snowstorm: Microsoft does not wish to divide existing areas for special games

In a media briefing, Matt Booty spoke as head of the Xbox Game Studios concerning exclusive video games as well as the Xbox Game Pass.

The factor for the restored discussion is the organized takeover of Activision Blizzard as well as the brand names as well as video games, which will certainly then belong to Microsoft in the future.

Booty said that you do not wish to take anything far from a big area that is dispersed over several systems. Rather, you can see it as a task of constructing up such areas and also keeping them.

If we acquire a game that has a huge area on several systems, after that we definitely do not intend to take anything away. If in all, after that we see it as our task to maintain this neighborhood as well as develop, and also not to sever as well as attempt to take something far from her.

The exclusive Xbox video games are most likely to be those that are based on energetic brand names based upon new brand names.

This fits earlier statements that the Telephone call of Duty series need to remain multi-platform.