Tiny nuclear power plant on the roofing system: is the wind turbine suitable as a choice to solar cells?

Wind power is a vital part of the power supply in Germany with a 24 percent share. In addition to the large systems, there are also smaller sized remedies that you can use as customers: supposed small wind turbines.

One of the most vital thing for personal users is whether the setup of such a system is monetarily worthwhile. The NRW customer center concerns the final thought: No. It is presently not worth it.


What are these items in fact excellent for? Does such a small wind wheel even pay off on the roofing system? And also why do you seldom see such systems in this nation? Right here you’re informed of every little thing vital.

As an example in the instance of an usually appropriate location of your home:

This would certainly conserve you around 33 euros if you use the power totally for your own requirements. This is between 2,500 as well as 4,000 per regular single-family balance.

Does such a tiny wind wheel also pay off on the roofing system? As well as why do you rarely see such systems in this nation? The most crucial point for personal individuals is whether the installment of such a system is financially beneficial.

Incidentally: The yield is quadrupled with a double diameter. Relying on the place and also high quality of the small wind generator, the yield can additionally be reduced.


  • Rotor diameter: 1 meter
  • Blades area: 0.8 m ².

  • Yield annually: ~ 100 kWh.

  • Push-photovoltaic systems for everyone-balcony nuclear power plant: The mini solar systems benefit this.