Microsoft Flight Simulator: Italian legend Savoia

Its possible usages consist of different mixes of gas, passengers and products.

The p. 55 is a two-engine trip boat from the Italian airplane supplier Savoia-Marchetti from Milan, where it was additionally made.

The package additionally includes the p. 55x design from 1933. Just 25 duplicates of this last as well as most advanced version were developed. With an 800 hp Isotta Fraschini W-18 engine, which drives three-leaf metal props, and enhanced instrumentation, the p. 55x offers the highest efficiency as well as the best variety of all p. 55 variations.

With the Savoia Marchetti p. 55, the designer added an additional equipment from the collection of local tales.

The Savoia-Marchetti p. 55 has actually been replaced thoroughly for the Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as is currently available as a package for $ 14.99 in Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

In the Microsoft Flight Simulator, pilots can now fly with one of one of the most striking and unforgettable aircraft in background.

The wood airplane mainly made from wood is one of the most unforgettable aircraft in history and also has a catamaran body. The cockpit is situated in the front center component of the main wing.

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