Internet Explorer: Microsoft will hire browser in 2022

After over 25 years, Microsoft hires a service that is used at times. What was announced in May 2021 is now becoming a reality.

Dortmund-Microsoft makes a drastic decision: After 27 years, the browser icon Internet Explorer is now retiring. Because now Microsoft has already exchanged her for a new browser.


Internet Explorer: Microsoft sets its browser icon 2022

According to techbook.de, Internet Explorer can no longer keep up with the competition. In contrast to the mobile Internet, the software should be slow and complex. The result: the first browser from Microsoft is hardly used these days. That is why the company announced the end of the browser in May 2021.

Now the time has come: On June 15, the Internet Explorer is to be finally discontinued. There have been no security updates since June 2021 and in August 2021 the Internet Explorer also disappeared from the Office Suite Microsoft 365, as reported Techbook.de. Instead, the company is said to have concentrated on Microsoft Edge-the software manufacturer’s new web browser (more digital news at software).

Microsoft ends internet service-with consequences for a few users

What does that mean for the users? Admittedly, the number of people who use the Windows Explorer has been steadily falling in recent years. According to Statista, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox gained greater popularity.

In May 2022 it was said to have just 0.8 percent who used the Microsoft web browser-but whether companies are also recorded in statistics is not apparent. For many users, the switch-off of the Internet service will hardly be worth mentioning after more than 25 years.

People who hold onto Internet Explorer until the end on June 15 will no longer be able to open it from the above date. As can be seen from a blog entry by the software giant, the EDGE browser should then open automatically. The future of the internet explorer from Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, according to the article. The users then have nothing more than to use the new browser-or to switch to a completely different offer.

Internet Explorer: So Microsoft held on to the software

Microsoft is said to have recorded the Internet Explorer for one reason. The Explorer was indispensable for many companies, since older web applications were sometimes only usable. According to Microsoft, companies have an average of 1678 websites and applications that the Explorer need.

So that these companies can continue to use the old software, Microsoft has considered a solution. The company now relies on the newer, chromium-based version of the EDGE browser with the so-called IE mode.

Edge should be able to open pages that only worked with Internet Explorer 11. This is intended to enable Microsoft to surf the Internet faster and use the old software at the same time.

Rubric list picture: © Mark Lennihan/AP/dpa