Ark: survival evolved

The new ARK II trailer can show on Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12

In December 2020, Studio WildCard officially announced the continuation for her survival simulator Ark: Survival Evolved. Since then, the developer team has not told Fans about ARK II anything significant, but perhaps this will change soon.

Recently, the release date of the new FJordur free card was announced for the first part. Interestingly, its release will take place on June 12, which falls on Sunday. Usually, Studio WildCard produces such extensions on Tuesday or Thursday, thereby such a solution seems strange.


On the other hand, on this day, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be held on this day, so it is not surprising if the developers present the FJordur complement trailer on it. However, it is likely that Studio WildCard will appear not only for the sake of presenting one video for expansion, and also share new details about ARK II.

This is confirmed by the recent words of the general director of the studio of the arc Kennedy. In an interview with YouTuber GP, he stated that in the next two weeks a lot of ARK news would be presented. Also, according to him, the second part will be a temporary console exclusive Xbox Series, and later the sequel will be released at the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Of course, all the above assumptions and videos should be perceived with a share of skepticism, because there was no official confirmation yet, and YouTubert could fake the screenshots presented.