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Super Bonberman R Online online service ends. Up to 64 bombs Batrova, telling the curtain in one year

Konami Digital Entertainment announced on June 1 that the online service of Super Bonberman R Online ends. The end date is December 1, 2022, 10:00 am in Japan time, and the service ends on all platforms.


Super Bomberman R Online is the latest work of the Bomberman series. The basic play was available on PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/Xbox One. The main game mode is the Battle 64 mode, which has up to 64 people online. Set on a stage where multiple play areas are connected, it is a battle royal mode using game play of Bomberman. In correspondence with crossplay, all platform players can play together. Participating players are distributed in each area and aim to become the last one, Bomber One, while developing a battle with familiar bombs. It was also characterized by various characters related to Konami’s works, such as Snake and Shiori Fujisaki, appeared in Playable.

According to the announcement, the sale of in-game currency bombercoin and premium packs has already ended today at 10:00 am on June 1. It seems that it was impossible to get in-game currencies, although the terms of the in-game currencies had just been revised on May 12.

Super Bonberman R Online started distribution in May 2021. About a year later, the end of the service was announced. Looking at the user-based trend of this PC (Steam) version, more than 6,900 players were connected at the peak immediately after the release one year ago, but in the latest data, the number of simultaneous connection players is 100. It was not unusual to be below (Steamdb). You can see that you were suffering from population decline. In response to this situation, this service has ended.

Super Bonbaman R Online ends online service at 10:00 am in Japan time in December 2022, 2022. The Bomberman series is starting to proceed for a new project. I would like to pay attention to the future announcement of Konami Digital Entertainment.