Sparkasse plans to be new: 35 million customers have to change their behavior

Sparkasse plans innovations for its customers. This is said to benefit millions of users across Germany.

Dortmund-The Sparkasse faces a challenge, because two certain offers from the bank are not as well received by customers as hoped. Now the Sparkasse would like to take measures against it.

Sparkasse Plant News: Millions of customers are affected

The Sparkasse manages accounts from its approximately 50 million customers. But comparatively few of them use the entire offer of the bank. Many customers do not seem to be particularly interested in online banking and the company’s app, as CHIP reports.

A press release from the financial institution shows that a total of around 25.6 million people use online banking. So these are just half of all Sparkassen customers (more digital news at customers).

The number has grown by around one million compared to the previous year, but the goal was not achieved. By 2026, the company would like to move 35 million customers for online banking. But that’s not all, because there was a new function for the Sparkasse customers recently.

innovation of the Sparkasse: Banking app should become more attractive

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The banking app should also become more attractive, because this is only used by 12.6 million customers, although the number of users has also increased slightly there. Although the app is one of the most used banking apps across Germany, the Sparkasse would like to make the offer more tasty for customers.

That is why the company carried out numerous improvements to the application in March of this year and thus seems to be successful. Now the company hopes for further customer growth in the banking app. This is intended to positively influence the business model of the savings banks, but it remains to be seen for the time being whether it actually occurs.

Rubric list picture: © Rüdiger Wölk/Imago