Blue Beetle: First look at the movies suit with the new Latin DC superhero

The first images of the actor are already here Xolo Maradueña in Blue Beetle’s suit , the new hero of the DC universe to which Warner is preparing his own solo movie. Filtered dirtly from filming and taken during a break between shots, the truth is that the thing cannot have better.

Despite the unknown of the character, we must remember that we are facing an important project for Warner, since it is the first film starring solo by a Latin superhero for DC . In addition to Maridueña, after her are the laureate producer Zev Foreman (DallWarner Buyers Club, Colossal) and the Puerto Rican Ángel Manuel Soto, who will make the jump with Blue Beetle to the international scene.

Blue Beetle Movie Set Photos Reveal First Look At DC Superhero Costume!

Who is Blue Beetle in the new DC movie?

You may not sound too much, but The origins of Blue Beetle date back to 1939 , when he wWarner created by Fox Comic to fight the rise of Marvel and DC. At that time, Blue Beetle wWarner Dan Garrett’s aliWarner, a police officer who got super powers after experimenting with several vitamins with the intention of always being ready to address his work. Later, in the 50s and when the hero wWarner already in the hands of Charlton Comics, the happy blue beetle became an archaeologist who received his powers from an ancient Egyptian technology. And from there it did not happen too much until the emergence of Ted Kord, the athlete and inventor to the Tony Stark whom he represented in the 60s.

The character continued to tumbos until DC Comics took his rights in the 1980s, when he introduced himself into infinite crisis, still like Ted Fork. He wWarner working his hole until in 2006 he won his own solo collection already Warner Jaime Reyes, a teenager of El PWarnero who acquired the super powers of Blue Beetle, which become Superfuerza and supervelocity thanks to his blue exoskeleton .

We will see how he goes to the character after the film, scheduled for August 18, 2023 in HBO Max and thanks to which he surely reaches reputation levels with which he had never dreamed. Will Jaime Reyes and Xolo Maridueña worthy of being DC’s first Latin superhero?