How to get gold ingots in V Ringing

V Rising to create different items requires several different materials. One of these materials is gold, and, unlike copper, iron and quartz, it is not available in the form of a mineral. Rather, you will have to use gold jewelry to obtain gold ingots. This leadership explains how to get gold bullion in V Rising.

Places of Gold mining V Ringing

In V Rising, gold bullion can be obtained only by melting gold jewelry. Of many different enemies, gold jewelry in the game falls out.

The best place for obtaining gold jewelry in V Rising is Brighthevensky Cathedral, and as soon as you get there, you can pharmaceutical enemies, such as wizards and paladins, and receive gold jewelry as a drop.

It will be quite difficult to cope with these enemies, so be ready for them.

V Rising Gold Ingots Recipe

You will also need to unlock the recipe for gold ingots to create them. To unlock the recipe for gold ingreds, you need to defeat Azariel Sunny, located in the Brightheven Cathedral.

Azariel is a boss V level of blood 68, and it will be quite difficult to win. Make sure you are ready for the battle with the boss.

Holy Resistance bottles will be a good thing for this battle with the boss, along with a higher level weapons and armor.

V Rising Gold Jewelry: How to Gold Gold Eathes

V Rising How to Craft Gold Ingots
As soon as you unlock the recipe for gold ingots, you can create gold bullion. To melt one gold bullion, you will need 8x gold jewelry and 8x sulfur. Use these items on the surface to get a gold bullion.

Gold ingots are a high-level item in V Rising, and they can be used to increase damage from weapons and resisting your armor, embeding them into your weapon and armor.