How about Andreas Herzog after Admira

After eleven years of the Bundesliga, the Admira has to start the heavy walk in league two again. It is open whether the return with coach Andreas Herzog should be realized.

A 1: 3 defeat at the LASK and a 2-1 home win of the SCR Altach in parallel against WSG Tirol sealed the end of the Admira in the highest Austrian division. That the southern towns on the last day of the table slipped to the end of the table – twice bitterly.

“I hope that Admira will come back to the first division as quickly as possible. Whether with me or without me, the future will show,” said Herzog immediately after the end of the game. At SKY Admira President Philip Thonhofer did not clearly know her duke.

“I want to go into the season with a trainer who understands the challenge and also accepts it. Marcel Ketelaer will meet Andreas Herzog today and then will decide where the trip is going. Personally, I am now more concerned with characteristics and want to do that than about names, ”said Thonhofer.

Before that, Herzog indicated that I wanted to continue: “I am the head coach of a team that has relegated. I imagined it differently. But now I can’t sneak away from the responsibility. I made the decisions and now I have to swallow the bitter pill. “

Meanwhile, the course should be set for the coming season, said Thonhofer: “We are planning and now have to make decisions. The talks are planned for tonight and tomorrow we will make decisions. How and with whom it continues with sporty are very important decisions that can be made quickly. Also which passion admirans are also burning for the club in the 2nd league. Marcel Ketelaer will then make these decisions and we will see how things will go. ”

Admira-Trainer Andreas Herzog nach dem 1:3 gegen den LASK

does Kalajdzic-Transfer bring warm rain?

A million transfer from Stuttgart striker Sasa Kalajdzic, in which the Admira would be financially involved, would help acutely. “Of course that would be a huge blessing, but it would also be dubious to plan before the fair is read. But if so, you can surely invest in one or two forms in the ascent, ”said Thonhofer.

“We would definitely handle this money carefully. I don’t want to say anything about the exact contract details, but it is the case that we also earn well and also deservedly. If we didn’t have that as a training association, it would look very cloudy. That with the newcomers is also something that the Bundesliga should optimize in the future. From Admira’s point of view it is still manageable, but there are clubs that meet much more violently. ”

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Financially, you generally have to plan smaller, but “it fits,” says Thonhofer. “We have also developed this seriously in recent years. The sporting planning with Marcel Ketelaer is fully running and we will do everything we can to put a strong team from the coach to the replacement bank. The goal is definitely to come back to the Bundesliga, where the Admira also belongs. ”