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Releases: strategy, shooter and colorful Jump n Runs

Little squeamish sniper action, strategy such as the best “Command & Conquer” times or peaceful life in Sandrock: The coming week offers a promising selection of insider tips.

CrossFire: Legion | May 24th


Crossfire: Legion at first glance looks a little like Command & Conquer, not without reason. The developers of Blackbird Interactive are based on the setting on the somewhat more modern Command & Conquer: Generals .

This also applies to the feeling of the game itself, because the real -time strategy slaughter should be fast -paced , without the basic construction and research of new technologies into the background. However, the focus is primarily on multiplayer battles, even if there should be a single player campaign and co-op scenarios.

However, the latter two modes are only added at a later date. The reason for this is that the release of Crosfire: Legion takes place as an early access version on Steam.

My Time at Sandrock | May 26


With My Time at Sandrock there is the successor to My Time at Portia , which remains very faithful to the game principle of the predecessor. As a newcomer in the desert town of Sandrock, it is your job to rebuild a craftsman shop, build machines, collect resource and grow new plants.

For the second part, the developers promise extended and improved relationships with NPCS , as well as a more extensive combat system. After all, you have to explore ruins and caves every now and then, in which not only nice contemporaries are waiting for you.

As with Crossfire: Legion, the release of My Time at Sandrock is initially only held in the early access on Steam. A later implementation for consoles is conceivable.

Sniper Elite 5 | May 26

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Developer Rebellion does not take any experiments for the now fifth series part of Sniper Elite. Sniper Elite 5 essentially offers everything that the predecessors already distinguished. It will again put you into the role of elite scorer Karl Fairburne, who will be sent to France this time in 1944 to sabotage the German secret project Operation Krake.

This means that you will once again be discontinued in different open levels and can decide for yourself how to proceed. The focus is clearly on sneak mechanics and distant shots. Of course, ballistics, wind influence and other conditions play an important role for the latter.

And even with the platforms, there are no too big surprises for the release of Sniper Elite 5. The shooter appears for PC from the start and for the two PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Sniper Elite 5 - Intel for ALL 28 Skills / Perks

Redout 2 | May 26

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

Fans of the Wipeout series should take a look at Redout 2 next week. This is the same as its predecessor futuristic races at speeds beyond the often discussed speed limit. It depends on your reaction speed both in the single player and in the multiplayer races, because many curve can quickly lead to the bitter end.

In addition to the races, you can also take care of your own vehicle. According to the developers, there will be twelve different chassis. You can expand them with new stabilizers, drives, spoilers and even more accessories and adjust your own playing style.

The release of Redout 2 takes place across all platforms. Say you can get started on the PC and the consoles up to the Nintendo Switch.

Kao the Kangaroo | May 27th

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

With this 3D platformer, the name actually says almost everything: In Kao the Kangaroo you slip into the role of the eponymous kangaroo and jump and beat you through different levels, solve many puzzles and may find a couple Mysterious hiding places. In the playful focus there are Kao’s gloves, which gradually become more and more powerful in the course of the game.

Despite the same name, Kao the Kangaroo is not a remake of the first series part from 2000. Instead, the developers of Tate Multimedia tell a new story ** that deals with the disappearance of Kao’s father.

As it should be for a platform, the release of Kao for everyone, um… platforms takes place. You can get started on the PC, as well as on the consoles directly with the kangaroo.

Whether you will travel to the France of World War II in the coming week or prefer to jump through a colorful world with a boxing kangaroo: the agony of choice is in the last full May week as always.