Next bank creates EC

The DKB and the Comdirect have already made changes regarding the Girocard. Now a bank will do it the same.

Dortmund – The still very popular Girocard is being discontinued by more and more banks. Now customers of another bank have to be prepared for a change, as DKB reports.

Next bank is planning to change the Girocard – thousands of customers affected

The affected bank is the Targobank, because it also seems to want to say goodbye to the Girocard. In the meantime, she is no longer mentioned in the company’s list, but there should already be a successor, as chip reports (more service news at DKB).

The Girocard is thus replaced by the debit card at Targobank. However, nothing should change with the range of functions. Payments in inpatient and online trading as well as the withdrawal of cash are also possible with the debit card as usual.

Targobank plans to be new: Abolition of the Girocard initially partially

However, the company does not want to completely abolish the Girocard for the time being, as a spokesman for the Targobank announced to Finanz scene. Instead, the bank’s customers should soon be able to choose between the Girocard and the debit card.

In the case of existing customers, the rollout of the debit card will soon begin, so that more and more customers are gradually switched to this card.

Targobank: Girocard will be deleted now

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However, customers of the Sparkasse also had to prepare for innovations recently, because the card got a new function. However, the Customers of Targobank have to “actively agree” to change the cards beforehand. Both cards are free of charge, but customers should prepare for a disadvantage on the debit card.

The free cash supply cannot be ensured with the visa card at Targobank, as CHIP reports. Withdrawal of cash is therefore only possible free of charge from banking machines itself.