Rogue Light 2D Action “Josangen Tower” will be officially released on June 2 at Nintendo Switch/Steam. Cute and troublesome, changing tower that changes every 24 hours

Our active gaming media indie game brand PLAYISM announced on May 21 that it will officially release “Joho no Tower” on June 2. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The regular price is 1180 yen including tax. The Nintendo Switch version has been reserved today and can be purchased for 944 yen including tax during the period. In addition, the Steam version is distributed for 980 yen including tax during early access, but will be raised with a full release.

The “Join Tower” is a rogue 2D action game that challenges the tower where the structure changes every 24 hours. The stage of this work is a forgotten tower that calls on valuable souls. The player characters are the characters who came in front of the tower if they noticed. Makai Maid Shonen Cocoa, future cleaning robot kanae, sick dragon’s Shippo Detail, Iizuna Kunoichi Kikuri, and Fire of Self -proclaimed noble inu. The player selects the character and challenges the tower. You will break through the boss and stage and aim for the top of the tower.

There are a lot of troublesome enemies inside the tower, such as succubus, which is fascinated by attacking, wizards attacking with chanting from afar, and snow women who freeze around the player. In this work, karma (time limit) decreases if it stays on the same floor for a long time. Including the limited means of recovery, the troublesome enemies want to defeat them as much as possible.

However, the playable characters of this work do not have the so -called normal attack. Instead, each character has powerful skills. For example, cocoa develops high -firepower magic swords around a certain period of time, and Kanae fires flame radiation spread up and down. Kikuri injects a homing fox around, and the skills developed along with cut -in are the means of attack. Since the skill is used once after using it once, a cool time occurs for a certain period of time, so the action is developed, such as when to wipe out enemies with skills and how to surpass the time when skills cannot be used. The chewy content colored in a cute appearance is also a feature of this work.

As an element, the tower is common to all players. If you play on the same day as distributors and friends, you can challenge the same tower. The Steam version supports the MOD function, and can use customized characters as player characters. The official custom character is scheduled, and it seems that custom characters produced by popular illustrators and streamer will be distributed in a timely manner.

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This work is working on a domestic personal circle // Commentout by Sambashi. Mr. Sabashi also works as a free illustrator and lecturer. He is a solo dee game developer. The development of this work started in 2016. Development has been underway after early access distribution at Steam in November 2020. In the official release, additional elements appeared due to updates. In addition to the introduction of true boss and true ending, additional collection elements with story elements and more than 300 types of automatic generation variations. In the action -related, new map gimmicks and practice modes with bosses are also available. It also expands MOD functions including OP/ED stories and responding to achievements. At the time of writing, the Steam version has gained the status “very popular” with 91 % of the 260 user reviews.

The “Josen Tower” will be officially released on June 2 for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The regular price is 1180 yen including tax. The Nintendo Switch version can be purchased for 944 yen including tax during the reservation period, and the Steam version can be purchased for 980 yen including tax until the official release.