Rot-Weiß Erfurt celebrates the regional league

What has been emerging for a long time has now also been calculated in dry towels: FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt is rising into the regional league. The Thuringians beat FC unit Wernigerode 5: 1 on Sunday and benefited from the fact that VFC Plauen was defeated 2: 3 at FC at the Fahner Höhe.

4193 fans had registered the Plauener slip and really wanted to climb. Also hit the team, in the first minute a volley from Mergel whispered just past the goal. In the 23rd minute, the Steigerwald Stadium shook for the first time that day: Ballo staged Tavares and sank the ball on the net. Shortly before the break, Tavares placed a free kick in the corner.

More fire -haired Erfurt attacked attack on attack, with Tavares as an effective final recycling. In the 63rd minute he fled the ball to 3-0 into the Wernigerode housing. The mood was of course finally close to the climax, because here simply nothing could go wrong from the point of view of the Thuringian state captain. The 4: 0 achieved a variety of bears, to which the ball fell more or less in front of the feet in the penalty area. Kirchner spilled a small negligible beauty spot on the Erfurt promotion vest in the 82nd minute, which completed a counterattack to 1: 4. But shortly afterwards, NSIMBA scored the 5-1 final score. The fans flocked on the lawn after the final whistle, and in advance RWE had called for a celebration behind the south curve that started on Sunday afternoon.

VFC plauen on a form search

While Erfurt was able to shift a gear again in the end of the season, the performances of the VFC Plauen were more likely to be a leisurely walk at this period. Five draws made the Vogtländer a defeat at FC on the Fahner Höhe on Saturday. The start seemed promising, Nyber headed the crossbar in the 8th minute. But already in the 17th minute the domestic FC took the lead, Möckel pressed a free kick flank on the long post over the line. Ten pointer turns later, Popowicz replied from a short distance – 1-1.

Before the break there was even better for Plauen, Nyber headed goalkeeper Bärwalde, who had totally misjudged while running out (37th). Symptomatic for the current phase of the guests that a sense of chance followed relatively quickly. So also in the 54th minute, when an interface pass was reached Ferreira Lopes, which shot 2-2. In the 70th minute, the latte prevented the deficit in the 70th minute, but shortly afterwards it hunted a free kick with a tasty into the stitches (75.). The VFC no longer recovered.

FC Grimma with a small buffer

In the basement, FC Grimma took at least one point from VfL Hall 96 on Sunday, standing three points above the line.

The FCG did not have to endure quite a bit of pressure from behind from Saturday afternoon. FC International Leipzig received a 0: 4 against FSV Budissa Bautzen in its own place. Unlockingly superior guests met for the first time after almost half an hour, namely Hagemann from around 16 meters. After a counterattack, Hentsch increased in minute 57. To 2: 0. It fell similarly 3-0, counterattack again, again Hentsch (69.). It didn’t take long for Hagemann to score his second goal of the afternoon.

And the FSV Wacker 90 Nordhausen was not strong enough on this matchday either. On Friday, Wacker made guest appearances at SG Union Sandersdorf, and she was able to rely on Pannier. In the 12th minute he converted a direct free kick, with a “penalty at the wrong time” with a “penalty at the wrong time”, shortly after the beginning of the second half, he brought the 2-0 to the scoreboard. Fritzsch saddled the 3-0 in the 83rd minute.

It is rather unlikely that the SV 09 Arnstadt will remain in Arnstadt. But at least the promoted man is not beaten. After eleven games without a win, the SVA defeated FC Carl Zeiss Jena II with 4: 1 in the Thuringia duel. At halftime Jena II led through Nieswandt (18th), but in the second section of the game the game tipped over. Seiml (50th), Pusch (52.), Hammoud (81.) and Hädrich (87th) Arnstadt gave a feeling of happiness for a long time.

Stadium vlog: ROT-WEISS ESSEN - ROT WEISS AHLEN | Regionalliga West | 14.05.2022

VfB Krieschow is more used to the goal, ex-professional Rangelov was missing at FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf, but then his colleagues jumped into the breach in the 5-0, for example Dahm with two goals. And Routinier Hebler also contributed something, the meantime was his 15th goal of the season.