New Armored Core game in development, screenshot leakage

It’s been nine years since the latest Opus by Armored Core. And although from Software is busy refining the highly anticipated Elden Ring, they still have time for a classic and poorly served franchise.

Do you remember the Xbox 360? This is the age we are talking about here-since this is the platform on which Armored Core V came out. Our own criticism described it as a satisfactory experience, although slightly disappointing, but which nevertheless left fans an impression sufficiently positive to justify a 6th payment. And thanks to a recent index, they may well get what they wanted.

But this index was only one point of interest. Now we have several others on a wire will reset. Everyone claims to be a screenshot disclosed from the new game.

If you are wondering what the great lines are, they are apparently intended for the protection of the leak manager, masking any traceable information that From Software could use to identify it. But between these lines, we can actually see a lot of things. This is all the good healthy action fueled by the Meca that we love from the Armored Core series.

The Leaker also claims to have information on the content of the game, between these screenshots. Gameplay videos, in fact – timed at 30 seconds each. Although for the moment, we do not have much information on the content of these videos beyond the fights fueled by MECAs.

What do you think? Is this leak credible? And if so, are you excited by what you see? We would like to hear from you in the comments below!

Fromsoft's NEW game just LEAKED... It's Awesome!
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