Gyeonggi Game Meister High School, PLAYX4, who participated as a developer instead of a student

Gyeonggi Game Meister High School students participated in PlayX4. Gyeonggi Game Meister High School is a high school aimed at fostering talent for the first game industry in Korea. It opened in April 2020. Chung Seok -hee, chairman of the Korea Game Developer Association, was the first principal. As a freshman, 77 people entered the 2.5: 1 competition rate.

Play Expo is the first stage for students to be in front of the game as a developer. In the field, five games developed by students were waiting for users. The games were varied, including reasoning puzzles, top view defense, adventure, room escape, and action strategy games using roulette. Among them, students who developed three games met.

‘Project Lete’, developed by Kwon Sung -bin, is a single -person 3D puzzle adventure game. The main character who works in a small future small hospital is a memory detective. The protagonist dug up the story of the patient’s forgotten memory and reasoning the symptoms. It is scheduled to commercialize in October this year as a PC game.

‘Dunet’, developed by Lee Seung -hyuk, is a log -like game that combines roulette. The user finds a roulette that listens to the dungeon. Random results by turning the roulette can make the battle favorable or lead to it. It is scheduled to be commercialized in October this year as a mobile game.

The Time to Fly developed by Seo Sun -ho is a casual platformer game. I drew five chickens who wanted to fly like other birds. Various abilities should be used. It is released in September last year as a mobile game and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Students were developers. Rather than being thrilled to participate in the first game show, I was looking forward to receiving a feedback from various users. When asked about the game show participation, Lee Seung -hyuk said, “I take the first time to get a regular feedback, not on -campus feedback, and I think it’s an opportunity to increase the quality of the game.”

Kwon Sung -bin said, “As a gamer, I’ve been to the game show a few times, but it’s the first developer.” I did it. ”

The three students are Gyeonggi Game Meister High School Students. Seo Sun -ho said, “Honestly, I think that the image of Meister Go in Korea is a bad way. I felt that I really tried to make a big effort. ”

They soon become their first graduates. The three students had a sense of responsibility as their first graduate. ‘We must be good, juniors are good.’ Lee Seung -hyuk, a student, said, “If you say game Meister and ‘just a game of game’, I think it’s because the school is not famous yet.” The surrounding gaze will improve. ”

When asked about a game company who wanted to find a job, Lee Seung -hyuk said 111 percent of the developer of ‘Random Dice’ and Seo Sun -ho said that it was a ‘Crusader Quest’ developer Road Complete or ‘Guardian Tales’ developer Kong Studio. Seo added that the goal is to grow into a one -person developer who simultaneously graphics and programming. Kwon Sung -bin was looking forward to all game companies. Lee Seung -hyuk said that he wanted to make a game that can be enjoyed by people around the world after 15 years of experience in the game company.

He asked if there would be an improvement in school for juniors and future freshmen. Seo Seon -ho answered without any additional feeling. “The current game developer development is divided into three, programming, art, and planning,” he said. “If the quality of education is measured as a scale, it is a good way to program.. “I hope art and planning will go up to the same education level as programming,” he said.

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He also asked for the evaluation of Principal Chung Seok -hee. Kwon Sung -bin said, “I felt that I was working hard outside, such as trying to make industry -academia cooperation with game companies.” Lee Seung -hyuk said, “I had no burden to enter the principal’s office.” Seo Sun -ho said, “We will continue to work hard thanks to the hard work, including participating in the Play Expo.”

▲ Kwon Sung -bin’s ‘Project Lete’
▲ Lee Seung -hyuk student’s’Dunet ‘
▲ Seo Sun -ho’s ‘Time Two Fly’