How to get and use a registration card in Tears of Themis

The calendar of the daily entrance to Tears of Themis rewards the players entering the game every day, amazing resources, including S-chips and other premium currency. Devoted players can also gain an additional monthly award of 200 S-chips so as not to miss a single day in the calendar. But when life interferes, do not worry – you can still compensate for the missed entrances to the system using the entrance forms!

How to use a registration receipt in Tears of Themis


The registration receipt can be used to catch up on any day when you forgot to enter the game. To use it, go to daily entrance section of events . If you miss any number of entrances to the system, you will find additional input button on the right side of the screen. By clicking on it, you can delete one missed day in exchange for a registration receipt.

The Sign-in Slip exchange award is always 3,000 stellins, regardless of what award you have missed.

How to get a registration receipt in Tears of Themis

The only way to get the entry forms is to perform weekly tasks until you reach the weekly activity of 150 and 170. They will reward you as follows:

weekly activity 150 * –X50 S-chip, x1 registration card
weekly activity 170 * —X1 registration sheet

These awards must be stated manually from the task menu, and they are discarded along with the weekly discharge of the game every Monday. The weekly activity is not tolerated for the next week Therefore, you will have to start all over again if you cannot get awards in time.

Considering that you can get no more than eight entry forms per month (two per week), try not to miss the entrances to the system anymore, since you cannot compensate for them, unless the tears of the femids make a sign -in slips more accessible in the future.

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