LEGO BRAWL: LEGO also launches its BTONTON game at SMASH Bros, first trailer

LEGO Brawls - Announcement Trailer

It is not only Warner Bros Games who will launch his brawler with his multiverse, which we should not have news very soon (we will play in not long to be honest with you), Bandai Namco Entertainment also launches In the game with the announcement of Lego Brawls, planned this summer on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Japanese publisher has indeed been teaming up with the famous Danish brand which manufactures bricks for a game of fighting which takes up the principle of Super Smash Bros, and whose first trailer was presented. At first glance, this Lego Brawl will try to be as family as possible, history that the brawls remain fun and benevolent, as we can observe by these pretty cute, although a little outdated graphics, and which will not revolutionize the world video games. It is developed by the Red Games studio, a studio accustomed so far to the productions of mobile games. If it will take another moment to have more details on the gameplay and its combat mechanics, know that this Lego Brawls promises multiplayer modes allow you to play locally up to 8 people on Xbox and Switch, and up to 4 players on the PlayStation consoles. As for online modes, they allow 8 combatants and cooperation between 2 to 4 players. Make way for the announcement trailer and the first images and artworks.