The next update for Vampire Survivors added a new lasso, weapon and hero to the game

UPDATE! New Char Concetta And New Weapons Shadow Pinion And Valkyrie Turner in Vampire Survivors
For Vampire Survivors, another update has been published, adding new arcana, objects, weapons, as well as a secret character to the game.

Patch 0.5.2 for Vampire Survivors contains many content updates and additions. Among them are three new types of weapons and evolution, one new item, another rank for the perk exclusion. Among other things, some mistakes were fixed, as well as temporarily removed music protected by copyright.

Vampire Survivvors is a rather simple game that, despite its straightforwardness and a rather low price tag (82 rubles in Steam), was able to first conquer the hearts of streamers, and then ordinary players. The developer of Vampire Survivors is actively developing his project, trying not to disappoint those players who could love his game.