The authors of Squadron 42 talked about working on deformation of the sheet on beds in NPC cabins

Cloud Imperium Games in emails reported to the community on the progress of the development of the space long -term construction Squadron 42. And the beginning from the most important.

CitizenCon 2951: Life In The 'Verse
Now the studio is studying… deformation of the sheets. In case of success, the NPC will be able to realistically crush bedding on their beds. In the cabins of blanks under the control of AI, not only a dream awaits, but also reading or watching a TV in bed.

The task is difficult, because the NPC, for example, can be raised by alarm, which will affect the deformation of the sheet differently than with ordinary awakening. The team is also systematically engaged in physics, animation, plot, interface and other aspects.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will go to the PC, _ “when they will be ready” _. You can discuss the game in a separate section on our forum.