Halo Infinite gets a great update for Xbox Series S

The 343 industries developer has launched a new substantial update for those who are playing Halo Infinito on the Xbox Series S. consoles on the last day, the last update of infinito launched for all platforms along with the arrival of season 2. and although although This update made a lot of changes in many different aspects of infinite_

From this moment on, _ Infinito_ Halo_ in Xbox Series S now admits an update frequency of 120 Hz. This is something that the versions of Xbox Series X and PC of infinito already contained, but the users of the series s now can also use This superior performance option. If you are not familiar with what is the 120 Hz update, essentially, it allows infinite_ to the right to a higher FPS (frames per second). If you want to activate this function yourself, you simply need to navigate to the video option within the infinite_ talus menu to adjust the configuration.

It is worth noting that even if you are playing Halo Infinito on an Xbox S series Your own monitor or television. So, if you are playing on a device that simply does not admit 120 Hz, this update may not mean much for you. Anyway, it is great to see that 343 has added this function for those who can use it.

As mentioned, Halo Infinito Season 2 is now available on Xbox One platforms, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. If you want to see all the other changes that have occurred with this patch of season 2, you can find the patch notes here.

Xbox Series S | Halo Infinite | Season 2 update + 120hz
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