Rainbow Six: Oxxen dominates the Levianeta and Newtar traces against sharks

Starting the week with great clashes of the quarterfinal phase within Rainbow Six South Cup, placing equipment that has been measured during the year but now with the search to get to dominate the region, with operators who have played with great Level now it’s time to see who will be what stand out within the competition and be hungry to win during this event.

The Deadliest Shipwreck & Shark Attack in Naval History

The bulls eat leviathan meat

The first series was between Leviathan against Oxxen Latam, in a first map that the Oxxen team would take the advantage from the beginning, letting nothoto feel very comfortable in the game to achieve important casualties Within the game to give the advantage to your team getting the map to be your favor to close it with a 7-2 and thus give an important advantage.

In the second map we saw the Levianeta team making a different game than the first one, letting Fergie be the one that heads the rounds with mortal casualties but Nothoto will resurface again in this game making * oxxen * He got lower together along with rounds that would expand the advantage in his favor closing map 7-3 to get his advance within the tournament.

Epic comeback

For the second series of the day we would see the Newstars team facing Isurus seeking PANNO9 would make use of operators better to trace the map and close it 7-4 leaving the advantage for Isurus.

In the second map of the series the stars team would begin dominant by quickly falling to the sharks without giving it the opportunity to respond thanks to the game that proposed Mich4 to define the tie of the series that would end up being defined in the next map that would be the whole or nothing.

Arriving at the tiebreaker the shark team would seek to get the advantage from the beginning taking several rounds in his favor but wake up from the stars commanded by Mich4 would make Isurus suffer a lot until sending the game to Overtime where Chileon would be the one who will end The game in favor of Newstars with an 8-6 on the scoreboard.

Thus concludes the day of games in the South Cup, with very exciting meetings in each of the series and waiting for the other rivals that go to the next phase to define which teams will reach the grand final within the next few days, waiting more Overtime as those who lived today we will have to continue enjoying everything that is missing from the South Cup.