NBA Playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies create compensation against Golden State Warriors

The Memphis Grizzlies have secured the equalization in the series thanks to a hard-fought 106: 101 success against the Golden State Warriors. In the end, the dubs simply no longer find a means against yes Morant, the Splash Brothers are completely cold.


About four and a half before the end, the grizzlies were still with 4 points, but then the home side ended the game with a furious 15:6 run – every 15 points went to Morant‘s account! The 22-year-old was no longer stopped at his drives, in the end he had set his playoff career value of 47 points.

The Grizzlies-Youngster sank 15 of its 31 attempts to throw (5/12 threesome) and also grabbed 8 rebounds and assists as well as 3 steals. Otherwise, only Ziaire Williams (14), Brandon Clarke (10) and Jaren Jackson Jr. (12, 3/14 FG) supported support in the form of double-digits. The latter had to leave the parquet prematurely with six fouls.

On the other hand, Stephen Curry sat down with 27 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists, but the chef, like his team -mates, had enormous problems with the distant period (3/11 threes). Golden State met only 18.4 percent of Downtown (7/38), a franchise negative record for a playoff game with at least 20 trial trials.

Jordan Poole still got 20 points, Andrew Wiggins on 16. Klay Thompson, on the other hand, remained completely pale (12, 5/19 FG). In addition, Golden State also had to cope with the injury of Gary Payton II, who rose a break of the left elbow in the event of an evil fall.

Actually, everything went according to plan at the start of the game: Jackson Jr. and Morant netted two early triplets, but the Warriors were primarily due to ball losses (8-0 lead). Then, however, Dillon Brooks made a bad foul on a Payton layup, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was unless. Brooks received a flagrant foul II and had to take a shower immediately.

Morant and Curry with a private duel in a highly competitive game

Payton II also had to leave the court due to an elbow injury as a result of the fall, shortly afterwards Draymond Green (6, 10 rebounds, 7 assists) went into the face towards the cabin after an unintentional slap. However, Memphis’ offense now had more problems and partly a little bad luck, on the other hand, curry created some good degrees for the colleagues and even found his rhythm (11). After an extremely physical first quarter, Memphis still led 33:25 thanks to Morant (14) and JJJ (10).

While Payton II did not go on, Green returned to the game with a thick eye in the second quarter. Wiggins, which produced a violent poster via Brandon Clarke via Brandon Clarke, provided the next highlight. Otherwise, many litters landed on the ring on both sides. Jonathan Kuminga responded to a Morant flight show with an And-One, but Morant put the end of the first half with an acrobatic layup (56:51).

The start of the second half belonged to the grizzlies. While Golden State put one three after the other, the home side quickly settled at +10. The lead was just as fast after several pool and wiggins dunks. Memphis would have had to lead significantly higher, but instead the dubs equalized the game despite a manageable performance at the end of the third quarter – 77:77.

Morant unstoppable! Grizzlies sink Warriors late

Morant had to go into the cabin with problems on the eye, in the absence of the all-star the grizzlies-offense was missing the river. Golden State took the lead for the first time in game 2, but after two Curry Turnover and two three of Williams on the other side, the game was turned again.

On the other hand, it took a little luck over the board that a triple fell again with the Warriors. But that was apparently the can opener for Curry, who immediately followed another three after a failed grizzlies rotation. Shortly thereafter, Jackson Jr. had to go to the bench early with his sixth foul – to the delight of Draymond, who waved goodbye.

Morant now kept the grizzlies on their own, his Stepback-Dreier two and a half minutes before the end brought Memphis back in front. The answer followed in the form of a curry drive, but again Morant struck with a crazy move. The final minutes were really wild, the Grizzlies Guard increased from the free-wire line to +3 after a controversial call. Morant had the counterattack on a green bucket again with a floater – and then Thompson made a step error! Then the lid made the lid from the line.

the most important statistics

Memphis Grizzlies (2) – Golden State Warriors (3) 106: 101 (BoxScore), series: 1-1

  • The Warriors’ shoot was not particularly nice to look at that evening. Neither the Splash Brothers nor the role players found their rhythm in the entire 48 minutes of the game, which resulted in a three quota of 18.4 percent (7/38). Curry was at 3/11 from the distance, Thompson at 2/12, pool at 1/6 and Wiggins at 1/7.
  • However, these unusual weaknesses again equalized the guests with good work among the boards. Especially thanks to Wiggins (5 boards on the opposing board), Golden State grabbed 14 offensive rebounds. This in turn coincided in 20 second chance points, Memphis only came to 10 with 12 offensive rebounds.
  • It also matched that the dubs had significant advantages when scoring in the z1. Golden State came on 60 points in the Paint, the grizzlies had only 42. Particularly bitter: the foul problems of Jackson Jr. With the Big Man on the court, the Warriors had much more difficult to complete in the zone.
  • In the crunchtime, Morant was simply too much for the dubs. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the all-star became the third player of the NBA history, who already played several playoff games with 45+ points before his 23rd birthday. The other two are called LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

NBA Playoffs – Grizzlies vs. Warriors: The voices

Steve Kerr (Warriors coach) about the foul by Dillon Brooks: “That was not physical, that was dirty. […] There is a clear border. is, and brings him his elbow. This is exactly where the border is. “

the star of the game: Yes Morant

What an appearance of the 22-year-old! Golden State was powerless against his drives in the final phase including spectacular degrees. Morant scored 18 points in the fourth quarter – a grizzly has never achieved more in a playoff district. He has succeeded for the second time.

The flop of the game: Klay Thompson

Already in game 1, Thompson had his difficulties, which still covered his game winner. But even in the second duel with the grizzlies, the 32-year-old was far from his best form, shortly before the end he even afforded an airball and an expensive gymnastics. Sometimes he seemed to want to force his happiness.

the scene of the game

For a few seconds in the middle of the second quarter, Wiggin put his innate Canadian nicity aside. Because what he compatriot Brandon Clarke Antat will probably follow both for a while. Wiggins started from the Perimeter to the Drive, Clarke wanted to protect the ring as a Help Defender-but he had no choice but to watch the Warriors star fly. With two hands, Wiggins stuffed the ball through the reuse over Clarkes head. You can do it.

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies vs. Warriors – The series at a glance (1-1)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 1. May 9:30 p.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 116: 117
2 4. May 3.30 a.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 106: 101
3 8th. May 2.30 a.m. Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies
4 10. May 4 o’clock Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies
5 12. May 3.30 a.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors
6* 14. May TBD Golden State Warriors Memphis Grizzlies
7* 17. May TBD Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors

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