Justin Lin would have left his directors position in rapid and furious 10 by Vin Diesel

Last week there was quite shocking news, since the film director, _ Justin Lin _ , stopped working in the next _ Fast and furious 10 _ , a somewhat suspicious and surprising decision for some. Thus, a new news about it was very recently, informing the reasons for why Lin left the drift franchise.

According to sources close to the environment _ Daily News _ , the former director left the position because of _ vin diesel, _ ensuring that dealing with the main actor is a somewhat unrendy job at the mental level. The protagonist’s behavior lets him desire, mentioning that he is always late for filming, his lines are not learned and appears out of form.

This mentioned a representative of _ Diesel _ In this regard:

Some behave as standing men and true professionals, while others do not. Those who do not are too cowardly to do something about anyway.

Vin Diesel's behavior seems to be the reason Justin Lin left Fast 10. - The Big Thing
With the output of _ lin _ of the project _ rapid and furious 10 _ , _ Variety _ reported that the search for a new director could cost Universal between $ 600,000 and $ 1 million per day, since they are taken to pay those involved even without being active. The company has not mentioned whether there will be repercussions for the saga star, something that is quite unlikely.

In news related to cinema. The director of _ Guardians of the Galaxy _ , _ James Gunn _ , went out to defend _ Chris Pratt _ In response to the people who seek to cancel it on social networks. You can find the complete information in this link.

_ Fast and furious 10 _ will premiere on the next May 19, 2023 .