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Acceptance of applications for testing Project Wunderwaffe has begun

Gameparic reports that their new game called Project Wunderwaffe has passed into the testing stage. Anyone on the product page on Steam can apply for participation.

Session 10 - Independent Testing Live Project (Part 3) - Exploring and Understanding the Application
The events of the game will transfer you to the very end of the Second World War. Your task is to develop a super -secret team hopper, in which weapons of colossal force are developing, capable of turning over the course of hostilities and affect the outcome of the war. According to the screenshots and personnel of the gameplay, Project Wunderwaffe resembles Fallout Shelter, but with its own features.

According to the developers, game tests are a unique opportunity for players to taste the product first, and for the team to get a detailed feedback.

Can you create your own “Wundervafle”?