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When did the fourth season Fortnite come out?

Sometimes, when you remember Fortnite, you are asked a question like “When this season came out?” And it is difficult to determine the answer, because Fortnite is already in chapter 3, and the new seasons are numbered in the same way as the previous ones. Fortunately, we tracked.

Chapter 1 season 4 – 4 May , 2018 K June 12 , 2018
* The era of superheroes really was when Fortnite began to change with their themes. Although this was not a time of complete changes, this was enough to prepare the ground for many other large partnerships.
Chapter 2 season 4 – August 27 , 2020 K December 1 , 2020
* Marvel Fortnite partnership was recognized as one of the best seasons in the game. The Nexus war in Fortnite brought Torah, Wolverine and many other superheroes to the game and showed how profitable it could be even during the pandemic.

Is Season 4 The LAST Season of Chapter 2? (NEW FORTNITE TEASERS EXPLAINED!)
Both 4 seasons Fortnite revolved around superheroes. You can assume that they can continue this trend in the 4th season of Chapter 3, but before that a couple of seasons. If we had to guess, this will not necessarily rotate around the superheroes.

Fortnite earns a lot of money on their partnerships, so we do not think that they will adhere to the topic only because she created a template. If chapter 3 of seasons 4 is dedicated to superheroes, then we can assume that chapter 4 of season 4 will also be about superheroes.

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