FC Bayern: Nagelsmann wants planning security at Lewandowski

Does he stay or does he go? It is still unclear whether Robert Lewandowski extends his contract with FC Bayern in 2023 – or even not even fulfills it. On Friday, coach Julian Nagelsmann once again commented on the personnel.

“Planning security is always good, in all areas of life,” said Nagelsmann at the press conference before the Bundesliga duel at 1. FSV Mainz 05 on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) and added: “I have already said that 50 times That of course I wish that he stays, nothing has changed this week. “

But Nagelsmann did not want to build up too high pressure on CEO Oliver Kahn and Roberts director Hasan Salihamidzic in transfer questions. “I have confidence and Brazzo and Oli,” he said, emphasized: “We need the necessary patience, I also show it.”

On Thursday there is a meeting between those responsible for FC Bayern and Robert Lewandowski’s consultant Pini Zahavi. According to “Bild”, the clear announcement on the part of the Munich was that the pole was unsalable this summer. Further rounds of discussion are scheduled, it said.

FC Bayern hot for Erling Haaland? Julian Nagelsmann remains reserved

Lewandowski is still said to be disappointed and depressed, because the bosses of FC Bayern also repeatedly flirt with an interest in BVB scorer Erling Haaland and the speculation about a transfer never completely denied.

When asked in Haaland, Nagelsmann held back at the press conference. “There are different types of players, you can’t compare them. Compare apples with pears is not advisable,” said the 34-year-old.

The most important statements from the PK of FC Bayern to read:

Lewandowski-Poker wird für Nagelsmann zum Nerv-Thema

+++ Nagelsmann about Mainz +++

“They are strong at home, but have left feathers. Bo Svensson makes a top job, he is a nice colleague. They have a good switching game, they are very quick and dynamic. We have to bring a top performance. Mainz has a cool audience that a little spectacle wants. I’m looking forward to the game. “

+++ Nagelsmann via Lewandowski and Haaland +++

“I hope that Lewy will stay. Nothing has changed. There are different types of players, you can’t compare them. Compare apples with pears is not advisable.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the Champions League +++

“I saw the games. It hurt a little on Wednesday. Tuesday was an outstanding game. That was advertising for football. The Liverpool game was similar to our. Such a can opener goal would have been good for us. Liverpool was certainly stronger than us. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the Var +++

“The idea with the ex-professionals is certainly not bad. It is advisable to have done the Robert before. It would be important that the professional is then unbiased.”

+++ Nagelsmann about communication at FC Bayern +++

“I don’t know if communication has to change. I will comment on many topics, that is part of my job. It is difficult to keep all topics behind closed doors. There are always many pages involved. This is not always Chartering. In nine out of ten cases, however, this is not worn by the club. “

+++ Nagelsmann about Robert Lewandowski’s future +++

“Planning security is always good, in all areas of life. I would like us to reach an agreement.”

+++ Nagelsmann about Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig +++

“Frankfurt did it very well. If there were a German finale, I would be neutral. Of course I keep my fingers crossed for my ex-players. But I have a connection to both clubs. It is a great chance for both.”

+++ Nagelsmann via Tanguy Nianzou +++

“It is not an option to lend it. It will stay with us. He is a great talent, it is firmly planned. To the other transfer topics: I have trust and Brazzo and Oli Kahn. We need the necessary patience, I put them also to the day. “

+++ Nagelsmann via Upamecano +++

“He had traveled traps. We will decide today whether he is driving or not. Maybe he will also get free.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the line -up +++

“Sabitzer will get a start-up chance. Lewy will usually play when he is healthy. Choupo-moting can play different positions. We will see at Musiala today. He has already played a lot in the second half of the season Good development. It is attractive to bring it off the bank. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time. He is still very young, so it is normal that he doesn’t make every game from the start. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the 100 goal goal +++

“We have to be careful. It is always a goal of scoring goals. We want to score as many goals as possible. It will not be a walk, but we want to define ourselves via goals.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the squad planning +++

“I love that I have a little more time for a coffee in the morning. We can talk about things that affect the long -term future. We create position profiles and create lists for things that we want to do next season. If Brazzo before the The door is always happy. “

+++ Nagelsmann about preparing for Mainz +++

“The preparation was just like all other games. The difference is that we only discuss it today. Thomas Müller is sick and will not fly.. One or the other player may be substituted a little earlier. But we will have a certain tribe of players. Everyone still wants to win these Bundesliga games. “

+++ Duel for FC Bayern without Roberting relevance +++

The game hardly has Roberting relevance. FC Bayern made the tenth championship in a row clear on the last match day with a 3-1 win against Borussia Dortmund. Mainz ranks in the middle of the Bundesliga table, can no longer descend, but has nothing to do with Europe.

Julian Nagelsmann could trust some players from the second row against the Rheinhessen. Which Bayern reservists can expect an operation?

+++ leaves Robert Lewandowski FC Bayern? +++

On Thursday there is a meeting between those responsible for FC Bayern and Robert Lewandowski’s consultant Pini Zahavi.

According to “Bild”, there was the clear announcement on the part of FC Bayern that Lewandowski was unsalable this summer. Further discussions are scheduled.

The Lewandowski page is supposed to flirt intensively with FC Barcelona for weeks. Zahavi met on Wednesday with Barca Roberts director Mateu Alemany in the Catalan metropolis. How does Julian Nagelsman assess the situation and the current developments?