FC Schalke 04: Terodde gives legendary interview

With his double pack in the 2-1 victory against SV Sandhausen, Simon Terodde shot FC Schalke 04 a big step towards the return. After the game, the striker gave a legendary croak interview.

Terodde (71st, 90.+1) Schalke with his goals of goals 26 and 27 secured the victory in Sandhausen, also the S04 striker had an answer to Dennis Diekmeier (83.).

There were no limits to the cheers and the emotions after the final whistle. After the game, the striker could hardly make a sound and croaked on the “Sky” microphone: “Today… Boah… You have to do what has gone here first, even before the game. Mega!… I have no voice at all. “

When asked by reporter Dirk g. Schlarmann, whether Terodde left his voice in the curve, replied the 34-year-old: “Yes, in the curve, and also in the cabin. What should I tell? You saw everything here! We have two games, We have to tear them. “

In the interview, Terodde also adopted the Schalke fans: “In the end they also pushed us to win… if you usually get the 1-1 here… then you collapse. But you can see what’s going on here. “

video spreads like a running fire

Terodde Interview: Terodde Verliert Seine Stimme Im Interview | Sandhausen - Schalke 1:2
Among the Schalke fans, the interview section spread like a running fire, and the clip with cult potential also circulated in social networks shortly after the final whistle.

FC Schalke 04 also publishes a video that shows Schalke professionals celebrating in the cabin. The players tuned “Simon is on fire” loudly.

Due to the victory, the royal blue took over the top of the second Bundesliga. Since the competitors Werder Bremen (2: 3 against Holstein Kiel) and FC St. Pauli (1-1 against 1. FC Nürnberg) clung, Schalke gets closer and closer to the promotion.