Valve updates its steam deck with new features

Biggest Steam Deck Update yet JUST DROPPED
Valve has just been updated in the Steam Deck to improve the comfort of use of its device.

First, the transportable PC owners can now activate a lock screen and the PIN code that goes with it. This protection can be configured to activate at start -up, resuming the system or even when going into office mode. Valve has also improved the success page, which is now responsible more quickly and becomes more practical to use in particular thanks to a new drop -down menu allowing to compare its distinctions with those of its contacts. If necessary, users can now alternate between several active keyboards using a new globe button. Keyboards which now take charge of 21 different languages, pending those intended for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Always on the practical level, the Steam Deck now supports the games and applications that require juggling between several windows and the user can therefore scroll through active windows.

Valve also gave the green light to a steamos improvement battery previously available in beta, of which here is the list: