Blade and soul

Neowiz PC game Blade Assault, new character Jet update

Blade Assault - Official 1.2 Update Trailer
Neowiz (co -representative Kim Seung -cheol, Bae Tae -geun) and Team Sunnit (CEO Kim Jun -hyung) announced on the 26th that Blade Assault, a 2D action game, has updated the new character.

The newly introduced ‘Jet’ is a character that uses the machine Gauntlet ‘Doom’ as its main weapon. It is characterized by a heavy combat method, which increases the attack speed and generates its own protective film.

In addition, the drone change system was also added. The drone follows the character and gives the auxiliary stats. NPC (Non-Player Character) “Hayley” can be changed to one of red, energy, boxes, medics and machine guns. It is divided into three roles: recovery, support type, and attack type.

New NPCs and Jacks are also added, which can be found in Hotel Hollona. In the area, one of the existing NPCs, Indie Jones, Jean, and Jack, appear randomly, giving the character a new gear or improving attack power. In addition, if you raise your friendship in the game, you can activate the Randolph NPC just before the boss stage. Landolph allows you to buy potion items.

Meanwhile, the global PC game platform ‘STEAM’ will be held by May 10, and you can buy Blade Assault at a 40% discount.