The Elder Scrolls Online

9 Error in Skyrim, which can not repeat Bethesda in the successor

The longevity of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim proves: It’s a fantastic game. Nevertheless, the RPG also has its weaknesses. In order not as far as possible in The Elder Scrolls 6, we asked you for your opinion. What does Bethesda do better? Your answers are available in this picture range.

How is 6 even better than Skyrim?

Bethesda was able to live the success of The Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim for 10 years. But now has come the time to look forward . Although the developer is currently working on Starfield, but also The Elder Scrolls 6 is already being developed. The role-playing game can only get better when it learns from Skyrim.

Even if Skyrim is done a lot right, is not perfect in the sky edge . Bethesda can expand the existing features both at the guilds, the fighting and the story, rethink or even a new beginning. Your answers on Facebook have given the developers enough substance to think.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Already Has A BIG Problem...

Bethesda is developing just Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. The successor to Skyrim can only become better if he learns from his mistakes. Which features do you still want to see in the role-playing game?