Paper Cut: Raffle: Win only today Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition

From now on you have the opportunity to win the digital version of Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition with a new Paper Cut raffle. Flat Kingdom is best described as Action Platformer with puzzle struggles where you need to change the shapes to gain different skills that will help you.

Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition | HD Gameplay Part 1
Similar to stone, scissors, paper defeats every shape the other. Sharp triangles can defeat the soft circles, heavy squares beat the fragile triangles and muddy circles can triumph over the slow squares. Both the opponents and the puzzles can be defeated with the right shape and strategy, so you have to watch them and find the best solution.

It’s so easy to take part in the Paper Cut raffle:

Leave a comment and tell us how many Xbox controllers have their circa in your collection.

Closing date is the 24th of April 2022 at 23:59. The general terms and conditions apply. The winner will be informed at the end of April via private message here on Paper Cut about his profit.

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We wish all participants good luck with this new Paper Cut raffle.