Formula 1 – Despite current crisis: Toto Wolff sees his future at Mercedes

Regardless of the current crisis in the Formula 1 World Championship, Mercedes Motor Sport Chief Toto Wolff has fun at his work and do not think about a job change. “You always have to question yourself: Motivation, Energy Level, is the fun still there?”, Said Wolff in conversation with rtl / NTV.

He has answered all these questions positively: “I’m fun, I enjoy the turnaround fun, now we’ll see if we succeed.”

This turnaround is the main task for Mercedes in the current season. The previous results of Record World Champion Lewis Hamilton and George Russell (both Great Britain) were anything but satisfactory, which also knows Wolff: “We are definitely not fast enough. You have to endure and deal with it, but at the same time all the energy Canalize in the right way. I try so well as possible. “

Wolff does not believe that the success of the past eight years. “Nevertheless, we have to be on the hat,” said the Austrian: “Is there anyone who does not have the same energy level, no longer the same motivation, no more the same fun at work? I put these questions mercilessly.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff: “Insert the critique”

One of the main problems with Mercedes is the uncontrollable bouncing (hopping, d. Red.) Of the car. After the race, it was partly so “that the drivers need an osteopath to arrange everything right again,” said Wolff, “We will definitely solve the problem, but that’s just not one day on the other.”

Personally, the current situation does not matter, insured Wolff. “It was to be expected that after so many years the day comes to which these questions will emerge,” the 50-year-old said, “The ‘trainer question’ will not have long been waiting for long, but my shoulders are wide enough. ” He was the co-owner of the team, so nowhere else go: “You have to plug in the critique.”

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Toto Wolff's WARNING For Mercedes Team..

If his motivation one day is no longer the same, so Wolff, “I would admit that as a very first and hand over the stick to someone who runs faster”.