Valorant: Loud reaches the final and wait for Optic or Zeta as his rivals

After a few days of rest we arrived at the last clashes in Reykiavik where a team could reach the final but others would have to keep their place alive within the confrontation, waiting for great meetings like those we have seen throughout the tournament, now we will have to see what happens on this day.

Brazil’s dream

In the first series of the day we had a continental duel where Optic Gaming representing Na would face the loud team that come from Brazil, In a first fracture map we saw Victor “Victor” Wong playing exceptionally with Neon, a doubtful agent in certain instances but that the Optic player has demonstrated because he uses it, playing with very aggressive tickets and with his skills kit to place the spike very fast, accompanied by Jaccob’s coverage “Yay ”Whiteaker with their operator takes the reins on the first side of the map managing However, the northern team would end up winning the following rounds and achieving a 13-2 in their favor.

Ascent’s second map is selected by the Brazil team, seeking to punish the Americans to be able to tie the series, loud having good numbers on the map began on an attacker side seeking to generate the greatest amount of Rondas with his aggressive style but this time we saw Austin “Crashies” Roberts with SOVA Punishing the rivals, to the change of sides coming out with a 7-5 unfavorable for Brazilians, things began to Turn different with Erick’s awakening “Aspas” Santos who, from the starting bonus round with a Marshall, turned on the situation in his favor achieving a Ace Brutal, The Brazilian samba began to sound in each round managing to put points in favor in favor of loud that would tie the series when taking the map 13-8.

A tiebreaker game that would be in Icebox, where both teams have developed comfortably during their clashes, now with things couples everything decided on this map, starting hitting hard in the first part with Felipe “Less” Basso using a Mortal viper inside different rounds in a first half couple where loud would be 7-5 , in the change of roles we saw the optic paste hard despite the circumstances that happened but things were things They turned in favor of the Brazilians and thanks to the great work that Less did on this map the team of loud managed to close 13-11 and take the series in a very good way.

OpTic Gaming vs LOUD - HIGHLIGHTS | Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1: Masters Reykjavík

The Zeta warriors dream of the final

The second would be home to one of the two teams, having Zeta Division representing Japan and on the other to Paper Rex from Singapore , on an icebox map selected by the Japanese team when starting with Rounds that gave a little stability to the Paper Rex team with a duel duel duelist on the one hand watching Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie against Tent “Tenn” Asai with a first look that would remain in favor of the Apac team with a 8-4 , in the second part that became the protagonist was the Chamber of Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee placed very well the head hunter in his opponents managing to give his team a chance with Jinggg that he was still on and managed to close the map with a 13-6 in his favor.

In the second meeting we moved to Haven where the Super Sayayin mode was turned on with Yuma “dep” hashimoto that began to destroy the rivals from the round one by placing very good plays inside the map, everything turned to the side of the Japanese who They created an almost indestructible wall with which they left things 10-2 They were sentenced because Zeta Division ended the map with a 13-2 drawing the series.

A decisive map like Split would be the protagonist of the last confrontation where it would be a whole or nothing for both teams, starting on the attacker Paper Rex surprised Benedict “Benkai” so doing exceptional job using Cypher along with a Jinggg that swept On the map, however, things would end couples in 6-6, for the change of sides shot 13-10.

Thus, today’s games conclude, leaving great meetings and expectations for tomorrow where it will be defined to the second finalist, where we could never have a final seen from Japan against Brazil or North America against Brazil, without a doubt this *
* VCT ** It has been one of the most surprising and leaves us with a great taste of mouth.