FC Bayern vs. BVB | Constant unconscatant! What Kimmich suddenly lacks

On Saturday evening, FC Bayern wants to set up a unique Bundesliga record and win the German championship in series for the tenth time. The title can be made clear against the BVB, which is residue with nine points. Joshua Kimmich has made a lot for the Bundesliga classic extra, talked about a “special game” in advance. The Munich Leitwolf introduces the highest expectations – especially in itself.

The ongoing season 2021/2022 is not remembered as the strongest of Joshua Kimmich. No matter if it works on Saturday with the championship title against Borussia Dortmund or not.

One of a few games at the highest level, which of the Leader in Bavaria’s midfield of himself always demanded were there. Again and again, the form curve revealed strong dents at the 27-year-old this season.

“I’m a player who can well assess his performance myself,” Kimmich had recently announced. The latest top performance at Arminia Bielefeld, when he initiated all three Bayern goals with equal fabulous pasgames, was a very poorly calculated in the most important game of the season.

At the Champions League from home against the FC Villarreal (1: 1), the midfield star remained largely pale, his troupe against battle-strong Spaniard could not lead this time with his bondage.

Unusual many faulty appearances for FC Bayern

Unusually often lacks this season at Kimmich at exactly the attributes that previously helped him to the footballing world class. Uncommonness in the two-fight guide, pasgame security and ideas in the game with the ball, striking many last or penultimate passes in front of the Bayern gates. All this is about 2021/2022 again and again.

On the contrary, not only in the royal class-out against the yellow submarine, Kimmich strangely lacked ball safety and precision – both in the current game and the standard situations.

“I was very disappointed about mine and our performance,” the national player made no secret from his weak game – just when it came most.

Kimmich lacked the last Bayern duel with the BVB

At home against the BVB, Kimmich wants to meet his own leadership claims in the eleven of Julian Nagelsmann finally again, emphasized in advance how important a renewed home win against the black-yellow would be: “We want to get the title in any case next week against Dortmund at home. This is a special game for us and the whole Bundesliga. That’s the top goal as the master shell is clearing. “

In the hotly discussed first leg, when FC Bayern won just 3-2 after several contentious decisions last December, Kimmich fell out with his Corona infection.

The game took place in the midst of the longest forced break, which Kimmich had so far in his six and a half bavaria years ago. From November to January he was forced to watch.

The inactivity on the football field fell recognizably difficult for the extremely ambitious driver of the Munich. Already in January, when he celebrated his comeback against Borussia Mönchengladbach against Borussia Mönchengladbach (1: 2), were unusual voting problems and an increased error rate could not be overlooked.

“He wants to do offensively accents, but would have to worry about stability and the balance. He does not fulfill this core task,” ex-national player Dietmar Hamann in the “Kicker” with the Performance of the 27-year-old.

Kimmich declares his own claim: “It’s my job, go on”

Maybe the game against the BVB is now also called for Bayern’s number six. Once, namely in the season end spurt 2019/2020, he was a away in Dortmund’s outstanding chip goal in Dortmund of the Man of the Match and finally brought his FC Bayern with the gate of the day to the master road.

“It’s my job, go on,” Kimmich is the highest leadership claim. Even or especially in a season in which it lacks continuity on the absolute top level, such a genius would be twice-important – also for your own self-image.

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After all, at his presence on the lawn, Kimmich has been working hard. With 123 ball contacts in Bielefeld he was again the clock he wants to be himself, brought by far the most pasgames to the man.

Against his favorite opponent Borussia Dortmund, against whom he could win in his professional career at least 15 times, he only wants to be a protagonist instead of taking actors.

Mats-Yannick Roth