SG-Superstar Jim Gottridsson demands an exit clause

Gotfridsson, who has a valid working paper on the Fjord until 2025 – without exit clause – took hardly a leaf in front of his mouth in conversation with the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet”. He lie too little focus on the premier class in Flensburg. And the missing exit clause prepares him stomach pain.

“I feel comfortable in Flensburg and I have three years contract,” said Godfridsson clearly: “But there are clubs who are ready to buy me out of my contract. That’s why I asked the association to set a fixed transfer fee for me – For now in the summer, 2023 and 2024. So far you have a reply to me. ” That he can not rely the club in July, he realized: “But 2023 the market is a player market.”

Machulla: “We are not naive”

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That interest is in Sweden would not be surprising Maik Machulla. “It’s perfectly clear that a player like Jim’s Gotfridsson’s desires awakens and is interesting for other clubs. We are not naive,” says the SG coach.

Like the THW Kiel threatens to the Flensburgers in the medium-term future a change: from the team, which could win two championships together, remains so much left at the latest from summer 2023. The two right outside Lasse Svan and Marius Steinhauser as well as world-class left outside Hampus tub leave the SG already in summer. With left-handed Magnus Röd, Rückausshooter Göran Johannessen and circulars Simon Hald break in the summer 2023 further power carrier away.

Therefore, therefore, Godfridsson says, “2023 will become a crucial year. Many leave the club. Either we ran out and show that we want to be at the top for many more years – or is a good time for the club to another Players for the middle to get. “

Of the entire departures of the Swedish superstars, the Flensburger unquestionably awesome at the toughest.