Who are Pokemon Transformers in Pokemon Go?

Event Pokémon Go April Fools’ 2-OH? -22 added a special research mission, whose task is to confuse some coaches. One of the tasks is to catch three pokemon transformers, but what is Pokémon transformers in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon transformer is the same , a pink drop generating one pokemon, which can transform and take the form of other Pokemon. Collisions with the same rather rare, but the frequency of the meetings was increased on the day of the fool. Many coaches still have research missions that need to do after the event, and find the same, not to mention three, it can be difficult.

Not only is Ditto are rare, you can not say whether it really is Ditto before you catch it. Dittos will appear as other Pokemon while you do not catch it, so the search for one of them may be a challenge. Ditto can appear as any Pokemon, but after the first-Aprelsky event, Ditto appear more often as these Pokemon:

  • Double
  • Ethans.
  • Finnon
  • Gastli.
  • Lillipap

Starter Evolution Gen 1 - Pokemon Characters As Transformer.
* Surskit
* Swirliks

Ditto is a normal type pokemon with a unique quick attack “Transformation”. The transformation copies the movement, characteristics and type of the enemy, but the low level of health of the ditto makes it less viable in battle.

If you still have a job Special Research, which requires you to catch three Pokemon Transform, do not be discouraged, there is still a ditto, and the term of the mission does not expire.

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