N-Zone 05/22: Kirby and the forgotten country, Mario Kart 64 + Mario Kart 8 DLC, Pokemon Karmesin & Purple and much more

A round thing, the new N-zone 05/22: Knutschkugel Kirby is not only cover star, but also big topic in the magazine. In the test we reveal you what the new switch adventure Kirby and the forgotten land makes so much better than the numerous predecessors, in the complete solution (Part 1) we reveal you where your Waddle Dees finds and how to solve your missions, and in the Raffle in the community area await great kirby prices on you. But in the new N-zone 05/22 still many more, exciting topics are stuck!

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In our detailed complete overview, we will inform you about all digital N-zone variants including a comprehensive explanation, what it takes to note when registering for these services.

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Kirby Gets A Real Life Mouthful Mode + Pre-Order Bonuses For Mario Strikers And Switch Sports

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