Valorant: DRX and Optic create the path of victory on the 5th of VCT Masters

Following with the main phase of MASTER , today the teams that go to the upper bracket are defined as victors and those who would have to be out of extra life during the tournament, in the bass bracket that nobody wants to visit, with Two series that seem finals today only two would take victory.

Asian Determinant Duel

The first duel is between DRX and the Paper Rex team, representing Korea and A Singapore respectively, we started on the map of Haven where the problems began with omen Kim “Mako” Myeong-kwan that put the bullets where I wanted in each of the instances, with a map controlled by the Korean team in the first half when getting a 8-4 pretty good in their favor, leaving the complicated things for paper rex , the second half began to consider in a totally different way thanks to Captain Benedict “Benkai” so with a Cyphe R in destructive modality and with the neural assault managed to put impetus to His team, achieving that the second part was too much and that Wang Jing “Jinggg” entered with the Empress to break things in the last round with a 4K that gave him the map at Singapore.

Going on to the second meeting of the series, Bind would be the selection of Paper Rex to achieve closing the meeting but Kim “Stax” Gu-Taek would not allow it with the guard who placed using Skye , that even I got an ACE, giving enough information and great use of utilities, the first half would be remote control for DRX with a 9-3, on the change of Jason “Forsaken” Susanto using the first * Yoru of VCT I was able to enter the opponent rear but it would not be enough to achieve uncoordinating the rivals, at critical moments is where we would see the profits of Yu “Buzz” Byung-Chula with ASTRA for Winning important rounds of the map achieving the 13-8. *

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The last map would be Ascent , a map that we have been seeing as a decisive for many of the teams during the tournament, placing the mental at the top to dominate this meeting by either of the two teams, the Koreans wanted to repeat what I passed on the second map now with a very fine and who used the head hunter exceptionally by side of mako , they got the map in their favor with a 9-3 In the defense, changing the Paper Rex roles wanted to have a different way to see the map but did not stop the Korean attack that Kim “Zest” Gi-Seok with his voice guided getting into repeatedly entering the Sites to finish the map 13-8 and take the series in favor of DRX.

Old acquaintances of the region

The next series would be a duel of North America where Optic Gaming would fight against The Guard, starting on an icebox map that would be dominated by a jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker on the Accelerator on the map with a chambe R that managed to put the jacket of heads instead, leaving the first half with a 9-3 where optic took the lead, in a second half where The Guard began to achieve some rounds we saw ha ” Sayaplayer “Jung-Woo with storms of precise blades but was not enough to stop the devil who put the map in his favor 1 3-7 .

In the second map we moved to a haven where the guare team needed to win the map to stay in the series, starting on the attacker side things painted very well at the beginning of the game, where Sayaplayer I managed to do very good plays to achieve 7-5 on the map, the second half was suffered thanks to the plays that Victor “Victor” Wong with a pretty good neon, despite the things we saw the team of The Guard put the map in his favor 13-7.

In a fracture that defined everything in the series, Michael “Net” Bernet would be the key player in the first half due to his aggressive game with CHAMBER achieving the early casualties to define a marker of 8 -4, In the change of sides was made to push “FNS” Mehta will show because Bridge is a goal on the map and as it should be used, leaving rivals on the floor and with thunder rolling very well placed the equipment of OPTIC would take the lead and the map in a series suffered 13-11.

A day full of action within the competitive of Valorant, where we saw two large challengers take the reins inside the upper bracket, optic and DRX are placed as contenders to beat in the following rounds of the tournament VCT Masters, seeing a great performance of the players and even more days to come at the Tactit Shooter of Riot Games.