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The Halo Infinite project from Certain Affinity could be Battle Royale

The video game developer Certain Affinity announced yesterday that he works on “new” and “exciting” content for Halo Infinite, of which they believe they will develop the game by working with 343 industries and the relationship between the two companies deepened “. After they have reported and speculated yesterday that Certain Affinity could work on a Battle-Royale mode for the game, some people have employed further investigations that support this theory.

Already in January, Jez Corden of Windows Central reported that the Codename for Halo Infinites was “Tatanka” designed by Certain-Affinity, but only with yesterday’s official announcement of the company started the halo community to worry and to connect the two.

In a reddit post, user, Yutuyo20 ‘revealed what they had found after they had researched who is Tatanka. “Certain affinitys code name for your halo project is, Tatanka ‘. Tatanka is a wrestler, the [Won] a Battle Royale with 40 man! “Say in the post office. The Wrestler Wikipedia page actually quotes a literary source that indicates that this feat is true.

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And if that’s true, this would fit what we expect from the Multiplayer format of Halo Infinite. The game is generally played in four-day teams (or multiples of), with Big Team Battle consists of two teams with twelve players. Therefore, a Battle Royale with 40 players would mean ten teams with four players, which would be the likely style of Battle Royale, as Halo is a team-based game.

There were no official announcements of 343 Industries or Certain Affinity about what this new content is for Halo Infinite, but since he is charged as completely new, we can exclude the modes we know, such as Forge and Co. OP.

It should be noted that this is still speculation at this time, but the evidence for a Battle Royale of Halo Infinite seems to accept sometime in the future.