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Teso: Pockets main game, Morrowind and high-Isle

You may already know this from previous years: If there is a large streaming event in the spring for the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, in which the upcoming features and innovations are illuminated, then usually two things happen parallel: On the one hand, the one ends up Introductory prologue for the next story adventure on the live servers, on the other hand, Zenimax and Bethesda start a “Free Play Event” to give all interested people the opportunity to compliment free of charge in Teso. Performance: 2022.

Now for free teso gamble!

The Livestream to High Isle is still , namely tonight, on April 14, 2022, from 22:00. Then there will certainly be info about the prologue quest series for the new chapter. Already the Zenimax responsible persons have started the free sample.

By 26 April 2022, at 16:00, you can play the Elder Scrolls online on PC / Mac, Xbox (requires Xbox Live Gold), PlayStation and Stadia for free. The scope of the “Free Play Events” include:

  • The main game (including four classes, 23 areas of resistance, PVP in battlefields and in alliance war and more)
  • The area Vvardenkell from the chapter Morrowind, with all related quests and challenges – the Morrowind chapter will be available for free over the promotion period if you own the main game
  • The prologue quest series for the coming chapter High Isle (as soon as available)
  • If your Teso (Buy Now 49.99 €) has already played for a previous event for free, you can set up the progress achieved there
  • With a new account you will receive 500 crowns that you can spend in the crown shop of teso

If you are completely new in Tamriel, look past our large Almanach for The Elder Scrolls Online . There you will find a lot of tips and tricks for the successful entry.

Discounts for Crowns, Standard Edition, Blackwood

If you want to continue your Tamriel adventure after the “Free Play Event”, you can secure the “The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle” about the buy page, which will immediately access the game and the previous chapters immediately. By the way, there are some discounts during the event. The standard edition of Teso is offered up to 70 percent cheaper, chapter Blackwood from last year is more favorable by up to 67 percent.

When these offers ends depends on your respective platform:

  • Elder Scrolls Online Store \ – April 27th
  • Steam \ – April 27th
  • STADIA \ – APRIL 26
  • Xbox \ – April 26th

  • Playstation \ – April 27th

Parallel to the game itself there are also crown packages for a short time on offer. Currently you can incur with crowns and use the following offers:

  • 21,000 crowns – 40% cheaper
  • 14,000 crowns – 35% cheaper
  • 5,500 crowns – 30% cheaper
  • 3,000 crowns – 25% cheaper
  • 1,500 crowns – 20% cheaper

With crowns you can raise a variety of different articles in the crown shop, such as mounts, companions, costumes, consumables, crown crates and more. This offer for crown packages is valid on all platforms until 20 April.

That awaits you in High Isle

The new chapter High Isle appears on June 6, 2022 (PC / Mac / Stadia) and 21 June 2022 (Xbox and PlayStation) and includes the following features:

  • A new area that presents you the islands of High Island and Amenos

Morrowind Fan Tries The Elder Scrolls Online
* A complex main story full of politics, honor and intrigues connecting the year-round saying “Legacy of Bretons”
* Glores stories as a new system and collective card game in the game
* A new test for 12 players: Gray timing
* Two new companions: Funke and Isobel, who can join your adventures
* New world events: volcanic slot
* New vaults, open left, leader in the open world and a whole crowd of independent quests
* Updates, improvements and player lighting

Further information about High Isle is available on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online , where you can also pre-order the chapter to secure yourself a chic riding.

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