Release date of Apex Legends Season 13, Teaser, Leaks and more

The twelfth season of Apex Legends started a few months ago and it’s time for the players to look forward to the future of the Battle Royale Shooter of Respawn Entertainment and the date of 13. Season of Apex Legends. We also have everything you need to know about the latest leaks and rumors – the next season is certainly exciting, after a lot of apex legends characters was lacted in the last month.

We know that it feels like Mad Maggie went around from the beginning with the Apex games, but it is only since the start of the last season of Apex Legends – called “Defiance” – on the list on 8 February started. That means we approach the release date of Apex Legends Season 13 – if you look at the average length of a season.

We do not know exactly what awaits us, but here are the latest information about when season 13 should start and what we could see. Data miners have worked hard to unpack the files of the game, and it looks like some exciting things in work.

Publication date of Apex Legends Season 13

The publication date of Apex Legends Season 13 is expected to be 10 May 2022 .

At the moment the current season of Apex Legends will end on May 10th. Normally, a new season starts on the same day – so we should see that Season 13 starts later on the same day. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt until we know more of official sources.

apex legends season 13 teaser

At the moment, the following Apex Legends Season 13 Teaser is the only indication of what comes in the next title update from Respawn Entertainment. As you can see below, seismic activity is detected in an unknown “Deep Sea” area.

It is probably just a device defect. pic.twitter.com/mdlavx7QLC

  • Apex legends (@playapex) 6. April 2022

This could indicate a new card – or a legend associated with science and environmental work – but only the time will show it.

apex legends season 13 is jellact

Recently, Data Miner shared a huge series of leaks – as mentioned above in the introduction – which indicate several new legends, which will come to Apex Legends in the future. The most complete this leak, Newcastle, is expected to be the legend of the 13th season.

Newcastle is a support legend with a skill kit based on shining and revive allies, as opposed to active healing like Lifeline. You can check his skills below:

Apex Legends The Sad Truth About Season 13's Content

However, there is no confirmation that Newcastle is the next playable legend of Apex Legends, which is published. Game Pot has reported that APEX Legends control mode teases its upcoming recording into the list. You can see a picture of it in the following Tweet:

The wait is over.
He is here!

The first teaser to Season 13 is live now. pic.twitter.com/po1feowwqu

  • Apex Legends News (@alphaintel) 7. April 2022

However, take the things for the time being with a pinch of salt. We will update this article if we learn more about an official source.

Well, that’s all we know about the release date of Apex Legends Season 13. If you want to refresh the ranks of Apex Legends before next season, it may also be worth taking a look at our ranking of Apex Legends. You can never be prepared enough.